Get current listings within 2 hours from the #1 resource for office space in New York City. With MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® you'll be escorted by a commercial real estate professional to view a wide variety of spaces, while you can remain focused on your business (instead wasting time pouring over "less-than-desirable" spaces). After all, it's your business we strive to improve through image, layout, and functionality. Online services are typically out-of-date, because they (a) contain stale listings and (b) don't meet your specific requirements. HOW CAN THEY? Online databases are not monitored for Tenant suitability-- and you'll end up paying more rent!

Before ANYONE in the NYC real estate industry even considered supplying what's termed "valued-added marketing," we began with the premise that our clients ALWAYS come first. Accordingly, this site is designed to help commercial tenants quickly identify 1500 to 50,000sf of MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® proprietary retail, medical, loft, non-profit and office space in New York City. To accomplish this, you'll receive up-to-date listings, photos and floor plans within 2 hours, then be personally escorted to view an excellent selection of spaces. Just complete the brief form at Space Survey, Retail & Medical or Non Profit. And please take a moment to read the letter of recommendation at the left side of this page describing the quality and value of our services from a $20BB multinational company.

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  2. You'll receive a FREE, UP-TO-DATE MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® Space Survey within 2 hours from a brokerage MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® designates which can best meet your office, medical. retail, or non-profit space needs. There are absolutely no fees you incur in connection with these professional services. And you don't receive useless listings-- every Space Survey is carefully reviewed before it's emailed to eliminate "stale" listings or unsavory landlords and buildings.


  4. We have access to 35% more MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® proprietary listings than ANY online service and 2500 MORE than any purported MLS site. Take a few minutes to see how "current" their listings are, because they include listings that are years old. And, you're obligated to use only their limited services exclusively.


  6. Online "database" companies direct you to building agents that represent the landlord, who will charge you higher rents (especially if the rent is listed as "negotiable") and are not motivated to show all you ALL the office, medical, retail and non-profit space that's available (since their commission cut by half for properties not listed with them). And they often don't even bother to escort you to show space.


  8. You will be accompanied to view a greater selection of MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® proprietary retail, medical, not-for-profit or office space. And all of your questions will be answered on the spot, unless further research is required. You can be moved-in in within weeks, not months.


  10. Critical information about recent retail-office space transactions is maintained that you should know before a lease is signed. For retail clients, traffic reports and other data can also be provided.


  12. In lease negotiations, you'll be represented by a licensed real estate Broker (not an agent-in-training) who can obtain the most favorable business terms, which means that MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® can Save You tens or hundreds of thousand dollars!


  14. We typically are contacted by clients with annual revenue of $100K to $20BB. One recent client based in Sweden has been in business for over 130 years and owns companies in the US and Europe. The company chose us because we negotiated the lowest rent with the most concessions; recommended superlative legal and architectural services; and oversaw the entire process, including lease review with the attorney (to ensure all business issues agreed upon were incorporated and coordinated with the architect).


If you allow us just 5 business days to find your ideal space, this will avoid being contacted by a plethora of agents, who would otherwise inundate landlords with calls and actually make it more difficult to show space and obtain the best rent (because it leaves the false impression that demand is greater than it actually is). Our goal is to find you the very best space, at the lowest price in the most suitable building. If we can’t do that, then, by all means, feel free to contact as many brokers as you like. But under all market conditions, we can save you money, obtain concessions and Tenant Improvements without you being harassed by agents more interested in earning a commission than protecting your interests-- all AT NO COST TO YOU!

Need less than 1,000rsf? View this New York Times article which describes the variety of office suites available, a prudent alternative to smaller companies or those opening a New York City office for the first time. We never pressure clients into space that doesn’t make sense for them, from a financial or operational perspective. We’ve always been in for the long run and place clients’ interests above any desire to make a “quick buck.” That sort of approach is not only ethically repugnant, but clearly short sighted.

In 1998, we established a commercial real estate division by the name MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® At the time, virtually no one advertised the leasing or selling of commercial real estate in New York City using the name “MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ®" nor did anyone conduct business under that name. Since then, however, hordes of “want-to-bes” have tried to use our federally registered service mark in advertising or attempted to trade off our success as a tenant-only brokerage in New York City. But don’t be deceived—there’s only ONE MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® that can help you find the Right Space at the Right Price.™


The financial market uncertainties have begun to stabilize and lowered rents in all Submarkets (except SoHo) offer an excellent opportunity for favorable, long term leases (the overall vacancy rate in Manhattan is currently approximately 11%). You can read the details of the Commercial Revitalization Program by following these links:

Midtown South MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® proprietary vacancy rate is 11% ($49/sf average).

Midtown MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® proprietary vacancy rates have increased and thus rents have reduced substantially over the past two years. Rents have now begun to stabilize, however, and in some instances, increased (for smaller, well appointed space).

Financial Incentives: MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® designates the most appropriate brokerage which can help you take advantage of lower rents, tax exemptions and available subsidies. It is, currently, an opportunistic time for tenants to obtain long term leases at reduced rents with more generous concessions.

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MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® was established in 1998 and is today the #1 resource for retail, non-profit, medical and office space in New York City. Clients are offered a wide selection of lease or purchase options, obtain the finest space and negotiate the most favorable terms within weeks, not months. The CEO of MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® is J. Lawrence Zegarac, a licensed real estate broker and active member of the California ( and New York State bar associations. For over 25 years, Mr. Zegarac has successfully represented commercial clients in Asia, Europe and North America in contract and lease negotiations. He has conducted business with the best (and worst) commercial office space brokers in New York City and personally selects the brokerage which will best fulfill your needs, eliminating any guesswork.


Because a licensed real estate broker negotiates the business terms of any lease or sublease, that critical job is not delegated to an affiliate or agent-in-training, as is the case with many brokerages; knows the commercial real estate market, each building, the asking and taking rents; and the leverage your company can exert through the intelligent use of financials, company brochures, etc. With this expertise, significant concessions can be obtained on your behalf from the widest selection of available space through the use of MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ®


MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® is the first step to provide professional brokerage services that others can only hope to. MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® approaches each client individually, assesses its space needs (present and future), and then has an extensive, proprietary Survey of ALL available space in locations identified by the client, except those buildings owned by unsavory landlords. In addition, MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® does not attempt to influence prospective tenants to lease larger space or those with a longer terms (as other brokerages often do, simply to make more money.)

Once a Space Survey is prepared, clients typically select 6-12 spaces they’d like to see. MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® or its designated broker will contact building agents to obtain additional information to determine whether the spaces are, in fact, suitable and uncover any potential hidden charges or issues. MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® or its designated broker will then add any spaces that may be newer listings or unlisted spaces which could potentially fit the client’s needs. It normally takes 2-3 days for MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® or its designated broker to arrange showings, after a printed itinerary is emailed to the client and returned identifying spaces of interest. Office space tours generally last 2-3 hours, covering 9-12 buildings.

On the day of showings, MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® or its designated broker personally accompanies clients to each space selected, making notations of work that needs to be done, asking salient questions of the building agent (e.g.,location of wet columns that can be used for a pantry, HVAC age and condition, electrical panel output, flooring conditions under existing carpeting, expansion potential, etc.), and answering any of the client’s questions. On each showing, a licensed real estate broker designated by MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® accompanies clients, in order to promptly address any issues.

Once the perfect space is found by the broker designated by MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® the most favorable business terms are negotiated for the client and a written proposal is prepared, financial information (Balance Sheet and P&L often submitted with a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your financial confidentiality) are submitted, and the client will often provide a brief, 1-2 paragraph written summary of its company, which highlights its history, operations and projected revenues. MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® will periodically encourage a client to meet with the landlord to establish a more personal relationship. This technique is not practical with REITS, but MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® strives to develop a personalized, working relationship between Tenant and Landlord, before the lease is signed, which always works to the Tenant’s advantage (in terms of free rent and other concessions, and later, in occupancy).

After the broker designated by MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® has negotiated the best business terms (e.g.,length of lease, rent, free rent, operating cost and real estate tax escalations, landlord work, etc.), a Term Sheet is prepared from which the prime lease or sublease is prepared. MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® also endeavors to ensure that the specific tax base year (from which any real estate tax escalations are calculated) is most favorable to the client. For example, most leasing agents will try to include future tax increases based on the current tax year, even though the new tax year is only months away. In New York, the tax year runs from July 1st though June 30th. Thus, if you sign a lease in May, you could be facing a large tax increase in July, instead of having no tax increase for 14 months. The broker designated by MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® therefore uses the most favorable formula to calculate clients' tax base year (which sometimes might be a calendar year), or have an adjustment included in the lease that excludes any increases while the tenant was not actually occupying the space (i.e., pro-ration).

If Tenant Improvements are part of the lease, the broker designated by MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® does two other important things. First, included in the lease is a description of any alterations that will be made to the space (otherwise, you’ll have to submit a request later that has to be separately approved by the landlord, wasting time and costing money). Second, the broker designated by MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® can recommend reputable and reasonable architects and contractors to obtain permits and complete Tenant Improvements in a timely manner. However, we never request nor receive any compensation for this type of referral. Brokersdesignated by MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® often visit the space while work is being done to further insure that the work conforms to the Landlord's commitment, and co-ordinate lease issues with other involved professionals (e.g., interior designers, IT professionals, architects, contractors, etc.).

When the prime lease or sublease is prepared by the landlord’s attorney, MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® or its designated broker reviews all of the business terms to confirm they accurately reflect the agreement between the parties. This includes operating cost escalation calculations, Landlord Work, insurance, tax increase calculations, term of lease, free rent, and other critical factors. As an attorney, Mr. Zegarac is prohibited from offering legal advice when acting as a real estate broker. Nevertheless, he or brokers he designates can and do speak with the Tenant’s attorney to discuss issues that might otherwise be overlooked (insurance amounts/coverage, estoppel provisions, etc.) with the knowledge many brokers lack.

MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® doesn’t advertise (e.g., Ad Words, etc); we don’t get paid referrals from contractors or office suppliers; nor do we accept any other compensation (gifts, money, etc.) other than referral fees for doing our job. MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® receives a fee from the property’s owner (similar to a residential sales transaction), so you don't incur any upfront costs. MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® works ONLY for you to find and lease the perfect retail, non-profit, medical or office space in New York City. While some companies try to imitate our name, we ARE the only MANHATTAN OFFICE SPACE ® in the United States, and are registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Indeed, most brokerages consider you a "customer," not a client—in other words, in the context of an "arms length" Transaction. But we ALWAYS follow the Golden Rule of business-- "Treat your client as you would have your client treat you."